About Past Fate

What will you become?

Nendhir, a mysterious and savage world filled with conquest and magic, where the two factions; Valfalk and Morsath battle for dominance over the vast lands and continents. 

Valfalk, a union between the vikings of Hjyndall and the barbarians of Gulskir control the northern lands of Nendhir.  

Morsath, a pact between the Kingdom of Edaria, the Kingdom of Drosus and the Empire of Coria, control the central lands of Nendhir and lead the crusades against Valfalk.  

But as the two factions wage war against each other, the dark powers are rising in the shadows.  In the south, the arrival of the Cult of Voxyx has awakened the ancient dark lords once again. Far in the west, at the heart of the swamplands of Khordof, the mighty dragon Yddrad threatens to engulf the world in flames.  

It is up to you as a mercenary to chooce your own fate. Help your faction to conquer new lands and together you will face the shadows that the night brings.


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Past Fate on Steam

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Past Fate on Steam

Past Fate on Steam

Past Fate on Steam

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